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We are one of the world’s leading luxury vacation home rental specialists boasting a portfolio of more than 4,000 luxury vacation homes in 50 of the world’s finest vacation destinations.

BBQ Party Area

One of the best thing we have a lot of outdoor space for you can spend time there with friends and family. Brings people and have a great time.

Prices start at: RM400 per night

Cabin Room

Cabin Rooms are best if you are planning for camp or outdoor activities with a team or group of people, family, or friends.

Prices start at: RM500 per night

Standard Room

Standard Rooms are the best if you look for a budget vacation. This is the best choice. Enjoy nature with relaxing pleasureful time.

Prices start at: RM450 per night

Sunset View Room

Perfect place for private, family and corporate rest in Port Dickson, with best nature views. Guests can enjoy an outdoor pool and a restaurant catering.

Prices start at: RM600 per night

Sea-View Room

If you are a nature lover then this is the perfect room and a perfect spot to capture the beauty of the nature.

Prices start at: RM560 per night

Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room is the best choice when it comes to family and luxury. With a ample amount of space you can relax with a memorable vacation. 

Prices start at: RM600 per night