Cape Rachado Lighthouse
Take an easy walk up to the peak of the hill to see the lighthouse & stand in awe of the beautiful view of the ocean, or hike through Tanjung Tuan Recreational forest & identify various
species of plants & animals through to the lighthouse & track to the beach or Bukit Putih.

Tanjung Tuan is also famous for its yearly raptor watch & join in the spectators to admire the migration of birds of prey through to Port Dickson.
Port Dickson is also famous for the yearly International Bike Fest, International Triathlon, Festival Pantai Port Dickson that have fishing competitions & performances by various Malaysian artists.
Army Museum Port Dickson

Is one of Malaysia’s best museums. It is located next to the army base. We have history of Port Dickson showcasing from the 16 th century & it is of free entry.

Kota Lukut Museum
Is a museum located in Lukut which is in the district of Port Dickson about 9.6km from Port
Dickson town. This museum showcases the history of Lukut from the 19 th century & it is of free

Ostrich Farm Port Dickson

This show farm has many animals from ostriches to goats, donkeys, turkeys, various breeds of
chicken, cattle, guinea fowl, ducks and ponies, rabbits, guinea pigs, corn snakes, parrots and
Over here there are many activities to participate such as:
 Ostrich Rides
 Pony Rides
 Quad Bike Rides
 Dinosaur Park
 Sea Shell Museum
 Aquarium
 Extreme Jungle Park
 Paint Ball
 Archery
 Herb Garden
Ticket prices vary from Foreigners & Malaysian citizens, adults & children’s & activities.

Take a trip down to our beaches surrounding Port Dickson & experience the beautiful waves in
Pantai Peranginan, Pantai Tanjung Gemok, Pantai Bagan Pinang, Pantai Purnama, Pantai Saujana & many more. Take a nice stroll to Pulau Burung by crossing a 500 meter bridge.
Make a stop by our beautiful beaches at blue lagoon with water sport activities. There is also public toilets provided.
Baitul Hilal Astronomy Complex Be filled with a wonderful stargazing night in the Baitul Hilal astronomy complex with the
guidance of its resourceful staff, the public can enjoy viewing the galaxy on any given night, weather permitting, of course! A minimal fee of RM10 is imposed but you can enjoy the starry
nights well past midnight.

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